Adult Education, Fall 2019

Join any or all of our fall Christian Education offerings.  Click here to pre-register or just show up.  All are welcome!

Life Principles by Charles Stanley – DVD Series

Thursdays Nov 21 & Dec 5-19 (4 weeks – Bonnie Horner)

Your choice:  9:30am or 7:15pm Thursdays


Dr. Charles Stanley has faithfully highlighted the 30 Life Principles that have guided his life, empowered his ministry, and helped him to grow in his knowledge, service, and love of God. This series has been designed to help you apply these timeless truths to your life and enjoy life at its very best. Each DVD message walks you through Scripture and shows you how to live the Spirit-filled, victorious life you were created for. We will cover these topics:

November 21 God Will Show You His Will

December 5     God Acts on Behalf of Those Who Wait for Him

December 12   Fight Your Battles on Your Knees

December 19   Victim or Victor?

COMPLETED  The Book of Hebrews

Thursdays, September 12 through October 17 (5 weeks – Ron Verduin)

Your choice: 9:30am or 7:00pm Thursdays

Originally written to encourage the young Christian community, the Book of Hebrews renews our perspective by pointing us to Christ and helps struggling Christian's see Jesus clearly. Please join us on the journey.  The same material will be covered at both the morning and evening sessions.  

COMPLETED  Women’s Bible Study:  “Conversation Peace” by Mary Kassian

Wednesday 10:00am – 11:30am; October 2 - November 13 – (7 weeks - Bonnie Horner)

Have you ever found yourself on the wrong end of a conversation, wishing you could begin again? Had a hard time getting your point across? Joined in with sharp barb or juicy gossip? It may be time for a much-needed change. Discover the power of transformational speech in interactive group discussions and Bible study. Revolutionize your speech habits and improve your relationships. Learn six powerful speech-transforming elements. Master the skills of effective communicators. And strengthen your vocabulary with words from Scripture.

COMPLETED  Introduction to Bible Basics

Sunday 8:45am -9:45am, October 6 and October 20 revised dates,

(2 weeks – Sally Montera)

Do you remember a Sunday School teacher expecting you to memorize all the books of the Bible in order?  Did you ever go to look up a Bible passage and weren’t quite sure where to look?  Did you ever wonder what those little annotations meant or how the Bible was organized?  Or are you like me and ever wondered what the background of the story you are reading is – where did this take place, why is the location significant, who are those people referenced, what does that word mean?  This study will take up the basics of the Bible and how to approach its study.  We will talk about Bible organization, footnotes, concordances, study Bibles, and maps - all designed to give you a solid foundation for future Bible studies.

COMPLETED  History of the Church in the United States

Thursdays, October 24 through November 14 (5 weeks – Ron Verduin)

Your choice:  9:30am or 7:15pm Thursdays


10,000 +/- !  Some say that's how many recognizable different Christian options we have in the USA.  Let's learn about some (not all!) of them. We will try to make some sense of all these differing views of the same issue - who is God and who are we?