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Where We've Been...

Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian started in the1860's with the hopes and dreams of Caroline and Colin Campbell, Detroiters who summered on nearby Apple Island and sought to share their faith with the increasing number of people coming to the lakes area each season. Out of the prayers of the Campbell family and others - and a lot of hard work (including selling grapes to help pay for construction), Orchard Lake Church was founded as a summer chapel in 1871. The original building, what is referred to today as "Heritage Hall", was dedicated on July 18, 1874. We were chartered as Presbyterian in October 1943.

Who We Are...

Today, OLCC,P is a multi-generational community of faith drawn from the lakes area. We are a gathering of folks centered on Jesus Christ, seeking to follow Christ’s call in all areas of life. We are a worshiping community, a learning community, a friendly community, and a sending community where we send one another into the world to do Christ’s work each day in our homes, businesses, schools, communities, as well as our nation and around the world.

is known to God and being discovered by us as we continue to worship, learn, fellowship, and serve together. We strive to honor Jesus Christ in all we do, work for reconciliation, peace, and justice in families and communities and schools and all facets of life in this world God has created and entrusted to us. We welcome anyone who wants to seek Jesus Christ and serve others in his name! Today, 150 years after our first cornerstone was laid, OLCC,P is still a community centered on Jesus Christ, being transformed by God's grace, sent into the world.

OLCC,P is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the dedication of our original chapel in 2024.  Click here for more information.

Where We're Headed...

The Story of

Orchard Lake Church through 1958

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