Adult Education, Winter 2020-21

As the rules surrounding group gatherings evolve over this summer, Bible study may be held via Zoom, in small groups off-campus, or on-campus.  Scroll down for details.  

Thursday Bible Study

"Minor Prophets and The Least Read Books of the Bible"

September 10 - November 22 (11 weeks)

Led by John Vermeulen

9:15am or 7:15pm, your choice

We will be studying and discussing the least read books of the Bible, including those of the minor prophets.  We will see when, how, and why they did God's will. Each week stands on its own, so you can participate in any or all sessions.  All sessions will be held by Zoom.  See below for the links to morning and evening sessions.

  1. Malachi

  2. Haggai

  3. Joel

  4. Jude

  5. 2 John

  6. Song of Songs

  7. Micah

  8. Habbakuk

  9. Has the Bible historical significance (book and video)

  10. Philemon

  11. 3 John

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