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Columbarium Ministry


The purpose of the Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian Columbarium Ministry is to provide a place on the church property where the cremains of church members and their immediate families may be inurned.  The Columbarium is located in the Memorial Chapel. 


Cremation is an acceleration of natural processes, consistent with Christian belief that after death the physical body disintegrates and a new spiritual body is given by God through resurrection.

The services of a funeral director are required by Michigan Law.  They will assist in the choice of one of several crematories in the Detroit area. 


Each of the niches of the columbarium is designed to hold the cremains of one person.  A canister and an engraved nameplate are provided and included in the cost.  The Columbarium Ministry Committee will arrange for the inscription which will include only the name and dates of birth and death.

Memorial Services

A memorial service may be held in the church sanctuary as requested by the family and pastor.  A committal service in the chapel itself will be limited to the immediate family.  Arrangements for either service must be made through the pastor.  In keeping with Christian practice, each committal shall be accompanied by a brief prayer and the scriptural promises of resurrection.


Niches may be reserved for present or future inurnment after application and approval by the Columbarium Ministry Committee, and payment of the required fee.  Reservation Application/Niche Agreement Forms can be found here Contact the church office if you have questions.

Financial Consideration

A niche reservation fee is payable upon receipt of the signed agreement.  The cost is $500 per niche.  This fee includes opening and closing the niche, an engraved bronze plaque, the canister and perpetual care.  The fee is subject to review and change by the Board of Trustees.  Arrangements may be made for partial payments.

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