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As part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), our congregation is led by a board of "Ruling Elders" who serve 3 year terms in rotation. Our board of elders, called "The Session" is made up of 15 men and women who oversee each of our ministries and carry responsibility for the financial, legal, and practical decisions of the church. This means their overarching responsibility is to seek God's guidance for - and carry out decisions to nurture - the well-being and spiritual growth of our congregation (So, they welcome your prayers!).


For more information, contact Patty Beaujon, Clerk of Session.

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The Board of Deacons provide care, outreach, and support to member of our congregation, our community, and beyond. 

The Board of Trustees are members who have been elected to oversee the physical and financial operations of our congregation and  facility.  Trustees serve a three year term.

The nomination process for positions on our elected boards is overseen by the Permanent Nominating Committee (PNC).  The PNC invites the congregation to submit names of members to be considered to serve as Elders, Deacons, and Nominating Committee members.  The PNC meets annually to consider nominations, usually in June.  

Contact PNC Co-Chair(s) for more information. 

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