Children's Ministries:  Nursery - 5th Grade

Pick up your Family Mission Activity Bags at church beginning January 25.  

These bags include fun, kid-friendly activities, supplies, and instructions to share joy and spread hope to others this winter in active ways. These bags will be available through the end of January. You can be the light of Jesus by sharing homemade Valentine cards with cocoa packets, or shoveling someone else's snow, or building them a snowman....just a few ways we show others they matter.

Sunday School 
Our plans are on hold during this time of social distancing.


Sunday School for children PreK-Grade 5 resumes soon! Location and format depends on whether or not we have returned to indoor, in-person worship.  Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we adapt our program to the uncertain conditions.

Plan A - If indoor worship has returned to the sanctuary

Family groups will meet in Fellowship Hall beginning October 4. 

9:30am - 10:15am.  Class will end in time for the second worship service.  All health protocols will be observed.  For reasons of health and safety, parents/guardians are asked to sty with their children.

Plan B - If worship is on-line only

In the event OLCC,P continues on-line only worship, we will start a new virtual Sunday School program using the Spark Rotation model, on Sunday, October 11.  A packet of supplies will be provided for each family.  Packets will be available for pick-up after both services on September 27.  Families will receive a lesson video each week to share with their children the following Sunday morning.  



At OLCC,P, we use a curriculum called Spark Rotation by SparkHouse.  The Rotation model reinforces the Bible lessons by using a different workshop theme each week.  Workshops include Creative Drama, Art, Cooking, Music, Science, and more.  With the help of dedicated adult leaders, the children do more than just hear a Bible story -- they experience it.  For more information, contact Martha Piesko, Director of Children's Ministries.

Martha Piesko, Director of Children's Ministries

Babies in our Nursery are cared for by our dedicated attendant, Stefani Nieb

Nursery Care


Nursery care will be available in Room 117 under the watchful eye of Miss Stefani beginning October 4, if we have returned to indoor, in-person worship.  

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