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Several times each year, Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian holds a series of 3 classes called the "Inquirer's Pilgrimage" for adults looking to become formal members of our faith community.

Check the church calendar, or call the office 248-682-0730 for the next scheduled Inquirer's Pilgrimage.  Childcare is available at no charge. 

Each Inquirer's Pilgrimage offers adults the chance to join with others in exploring basic teachings of the Christian faith and in learning more about OLCC,P.  Group discussion and interaction is encouraged as part of the Inquirer's Pilgrimage experience.  Note that youth membership is available for students through our Confirmation program.  


Led by church staff members, each series covers the following topics:


  • Your pilgrimage with Jesus Christ

  • Your pilgrimage with Christ's Body, the Church, and with OLCC,P

  • Your pilgrimage as Christ's servant in the world

Why Join a Church?


When you hear about becoming a member, you may think, "Why join?  I am already enjoying all the benefits."  Here are some reasons affirming why being a member is important:

Being a member means you are making a public expression of your faith, visibly identifying yourself with something important to you,

Inquirer's Pilgrimage is a time to reflect about Christian faith and its place in your life.

Inquirer's Pilgrimage is an enjoyable time of sharing and learning with new friends who share your interest in exploring church membership.

Membership opens the door for you to serve OLCC,P in various leadership positions and entitles you to vote on congregational matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm not really sure what I believe.  Should I still join?

A:  Actually most of us could say that.  An Inquirer's Pilgrimage offers you a chance to inquire with others how God desires our faith and our lives to grow and develop.

Q:  What if I disagree with some of the teachings of Presbyterianism?

A:  Presbyterians hold varying opinions on particular issues.  OLCC,P affirms Jesus Christ as the only Savior and Lord and follows historic biblical teachings.

Q:  What does it cost to become a member?

A:  There are no dues or membership fees.  Our church's operations, ministries, and outreach are supported by the gifts of its members and friends.  We encourage everyone to give generously to God's work within the church and around the world.  


Q:  What happens if I feel I am not yet ready to become a member?

A:  Your membership decision is exactly that, yours!  We hope what you learn during the Inquirer's Pilgrimage will encourage you to join at the conclusion of the series.  However, if you choose to wait, you can become a member in conjunction with a future Inquirer's Pilgrimage group.  

For more information, call the church office 248-682-0730.

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