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Pastor Transition Updates

Designated Pastor Nominating Committee:

  • Patty Beaujon - DPNC Secretary

  • Sandra Crane

  • Mark Grakul - DPNC Chairperson

  • Lauren Lewis

  • Steve Orr

  • Gowan Thamer

  • Patrick Tyrrell

Questions about the Pastoral Search can be sent to

Scroll down to read the Designated Pastor Process

June 26 Update:

The committee has expanded our pastor search beyond the candidates available to us through the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) much like the current housing market being a seller’s market, for pastor openings it is a pastor’s market. Qualified pastors have multiple churches seeking them. As a result, we have reached out to twelve Presbyterian affiliated seminaries and 33 Presbyteries in states near Michigan.  Requests were made to post our pastor position on their websites within the job openings and alumni areas.

 We were reminded and encouraged recently by the PNC that brought Paul to OLCC,P that their search took over two years. 

March 20 Update:

The DPNC is happy to report that we have started to receive Pastor Information Forms (PIFs), which are essentially resumes from interested candidates.  The review and interview process is beginning.  Thank you for your continued prayers as we search for the pastor that God has already chosen for our congregation.

January 4 Update:


This week Session approved the Ministry Information Form (MIF) as prepared by the DPNC.  The MIF was also submitted to the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) for concurrence.  The next step will be for our information to be sent to Louisville for the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website.  Think of it as LinkedIn for the Pastor position.


The CLC will match Pastor Information Forms (PIFs) with our MIF to begin the process of identifying Pastors interested in our called position. Once a selection of ten qualified candidates has been ascertained we will begin the interview process.


We will provide additional updates as progress continues.  In the meantime, the DPNC posted the completed MIF (below) for your reading.  While the documentation isn’t open for change by the congregation, as an elected committee we believe it is important for you to see the work we have completed on behalf of our church community. The DPNC appreciates your ongoing support and prayers as we move closer to the Pastor God has planned for all of us.

December 17 Update:


The DPNC is pleased to report that we have completed the Ministry Information Form (MIF) and will be submitting it in December for review and approval of the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry at their January meeting.  We should be receiving resumes soon thereafter.

December 12 Update:

We have been working diligently for 2 1/2 months, meeting weekly.  We are very please to say that we are now putting the final touches on the Ministry Information Form (MIF) for submittal.  We listened carefully to your thoughts and dreams for our church and hopefully communicated those in this submittal.  As always, we appreciate your continued prayers.

November 28 Update:

The DPNC has established the Pastoral Leadership Competencies for the Ministry Information Form (i.e. job description) and we are continuing to work on the narrative portion of the MIF.  We ask for your prayers for us, for Spirit-filled hope, joy, and direction in our work.

Sunday, November 7

4:00pm - 7:30pm

Positive Pondering and Pizza

The DPNC is hosting a visioning session with dinner.  Bring your dreams and wishes for the future of the church. All are encouraged to attend!  Babysitting will be provided. Watch for a sign-up in the Lakeview balcony, or email to register. UPDATE:  See summary of comments from this gathering below.

October 24 Update:

We continue to review material and collect information to be used in the MIF (Ministry Information Form). To further communication with the Congregation, in addition to these bulletin notes, we have set up an email where you can send questions or concerns:


The DPNC will be hosting a Congregational Gathering on November 7th from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm - "Positive Pondering & Pizza". Bring your dreams and wishes for the future of the church. Babysitting will be provided. A flyer will be coming out with details and sign-up will be in the Lakeside area.

DPNC Process

Designated Pastor Process

Guidelines to Be Used for the Designated Pastor Nominating Committee (DPNC) for Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian

Process Checklist


  • Session submits a rationale for calling a Designated Pastor to COM for approval.  Or if circumstances warrant, the COM may recommend a Designated Pastor.

  • DPNC is elected by the congregation.

  • DPNC completes and approves a Minister Information Form (MIF).  COM approval of MIF is necessary.

  • COM forms a committee to review the incoming Pastoral Information Forms (PIF’s) and presents the DPNC with recommended candidates.

  • DPNC conducts all and final interviews and chooses a final candidate.

  • Final candidate is interviewed and approved by COM, which is required of all candidates in the Detroit Presbytery.

  • Candidate is presented to congregation for vote to call the candidate.

  • Candidate is installed.


DPNC is nominated by the session and/or the church’s Nominating committee and elected at a congregational meeting.


The Presbytery advertises the position on the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website in order to have a fair and open search process.

  • COM is responsible to entering the approved MIF into the CLC system.

  • Self referred PIF’s are not permitted.  Self-Referrals must all be sent to the General Presbyter who performs necessary clearance checks, and if acceptable, refers them to the COM subcommittee for consideration.

  • The COM sub committee is charged with the task of sorting the PIF’s and finding those which are best qualified to serve a particular church.  The subcommittee consists of COM liaison, and up to two other members of COM.  They will review PIF’s and select approximately 10 or more of the most qualified candidates and present them to the DPNC for review.

  • Once a candidate is identified, the session meets to call a Congregational meeting to issue a call.  Pastoral Call form and Installation guideline forms are presented to COM for approval.

  • Once the Designated Pastor is installed, a church Self Study should be done under the direction of the Designated Pastor.


If the Designated Pastor and the congregation wish to pursue a longer relationship, this can happen only after at least 2 years (or ½ of the call) of the Designated Pastor relationship is completed, and COM concurs.  The Designated Pastor and the session acting in the place of the DPNC with the vote of the congregation can issue a call to the Designated pastor as the Installed pastor.

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